Coasters -d20 Game On!

Coasters -d20 Game On!

SKU: WCO-001

Get your gaming table ready for the next session with 4 d20 coasters! Each coaster is 3.91 inches by 3.91 inches by .6 inches thick, stained and coated with four layers of waterproof varnish to stand up to the toughest adventuring party or the hottest of coffees.


Disclaimer - Each set of four coasters is created when you order them, so they take about a week between burning, staining, and waiting for the varnish to harden enough to withstand shipping. If you are in a rush, let me know and I will do what I can to move things along!


It is Wood - And since its wood, each piece is different. It takes stain differently and may take coatings differently. I will try to get things as close to the color in the picture, but wood is like a fairy dragon. It may look like a dragon, but you have no idea what you are getting yourself into until you encounter it.

  • Not Dishwasher Safe

    To clean the coasters, simply wipe them off with a damp cloth and allow them to air dry. 

  • Not Fairy Dragon Safe

    Do not give these to fairy dragons for any reason. You thought a normal fairy dragon was bad? Wait til you see a fairy dragon with d20 coasters. You've been warned.